From Manned, Unmanned Aircraft, fixed wing or rotary, civil, military or EVTOL.

To Missiles, Launch vehicles, Space platforms and Satellites

Including Telemetry Ground stations, Recording systems and remote site access (TMOIP) 



Airborne Qualified Equipment's and Systems including:

Air Data Computers, CVR/FDR, Video Management Systems and Airborne Displays, Compact Mission Computers, Network Switches and Routers, Data Recorders & Network Storage

GPS / GNASS Receivers for Airborne & Space Applications



Airborne Data Acquisition, Encryption, Telemetry Transmitters, Transponders and various antenna (blade, patch, wrap around, button) for Telemetry, Broadband Data, Transponder, GPS and  Flight Termination applications.

GPS / GNASS Receivers for Airborne & Space Applications

Complete Telemetry Groundstations including:

Telemetry Receivers, Diversity Combiners, Smart Source/ Best Source Selectors, Real-Time Decommutation, Data Processing, Display and Distribution Systems .

High-rate baseband recorders and remote Telemetry over IP (TMOIP) connections

A few word's about ATsys

With over 30 years experience in Avionic and Telemetry Flight Test, ATsys together with it's partners are focused on providing compliant cost effective solutions.

Give us a call, if we can't help you, we may know who can.

Dave Heyes