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Data Links

Cahon Systems Inc.

Cahon Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of airborne and ground based data link equipment for both commercial, law enforcement and military applications.  Cahon Systems Inc. continues to design and manufacture innovative communication products and systems, with a strong focus on Satellite and Terrestrial Data Links for piloted and UAs, Interfaces, Data Acquisition, Multiplexers, Audio Conditioning, and VoIP.

Products include:

 MIMO COFDM Digital Terrestrial Data Links

 INMARSAT™ Satellite Data Links

 IRIDIUM™ Satellite Data Links

 Serial Data Converters

 Data Multiplexers & Interfaces

     Design and Integration Services


IRIS – IRIS™ is a MIMO digital data link (DDL) providing reliable command, control, and communications even in challenging environments. It minimizes bandwidth usage – BPSK, QPSK or QAM modes are automatically selected, based upon range and IP data rate. The DDL is modular, compact, light weight, and customizable. Depending on the antennas selected, ranges of up to 200km can be achieved.

Many frequencies are available, including L-, S-, and C-Band. Packaging can be customized to meet your specific application.  The DDL allows for flexibility with its antenna and specified interface options.

IRIS™ combines state-of-the-art transceiver technology with interface units and antenna options. The radio is a dual channel space diversity module that combines COFDM technology with dual 20-watt power amplifiers and a 3dB gain reduction capability. The interface unit concatenates multiple video streams, up to 4 full duplex audio channels with in band signaling for push to talk; an IP data stream; and other serial data interfaces to create a single UDP data stream for transmission. AES encryption can be added to the interface unit. The antenna options allow for 0 to 70Km or 0 to 200 Km link operation over various terrains. IRIS™ is optimized for high bandwidth data links in manned and UAS operations. The IRIS™ system minimizes bandwidth usage (BPSK, QPSK and 16 QAM modes are selectable, depending upon range and bit rate). The IRIS™ modem operates at any bit rate from 50 Kbps to 15 Mbps, thus the data rate for the link can be optimized for specific requirements.



The BST satellite terminal series of over the horizon products are designed to allow the user to easily integrate with the INMARSAT™ I4 satellite constellation using BGAN™ and SwiftBroadband™ with COTS approved modems.

The product has two independent full duplex voice channels, with in-band signaling to key up the onboard ARC-210 radios and allow the radio squelch circuit to open the reverse voice channel.  The system utilizes the INMARSAT I4 satellite constellation, standard (INMARSAT) approved air (Swift Broadband) and ground (BGAN) modems, and bidirectional amplifiers from Cobham.  The Cobham INMARSAT satellite tracking antenna, the HGA 6000, is an integral part of the BST system. 

The product takes data from the Honeywell INS and converts it to ARINC 429 to drive the HGA 6000 tracking antenna.

The IRIDIUM TRANSCEIVER UNIT ITU-201B provides worldwide, full duplex satellite voice and data communications with UAs or piloted vehicles via the Iridium satellite network.  The system allows the exchange of commands and status between a Ground Control Station (GCS) and the remote vehicle (e.g. UA) as well as providing two-way voice communications between the operators at the GCS and Air Traffic Control or other two-way radio equipment in the aircraft.  The standard configuration consists of an identical pair of ITU-201B Iridium L band transceiver units connected to Iridium Antennas.


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